Throe Thoughts

It happened everyday for months that I had to wake up and fight the demons I grew up with, like it’s a prosaic thing. I was young and oblivious, they didn’t matter. I aged, they did too and have gotten worse. Life created them. Distress did. I would say grief but I despise being so emotional in a blog. Ha, how ironic is that. I am vulnerable yet stoical. I’m used to letting people have the trust even I couldn’t even give myself. Then they toss it away, like leaving kites tangled up on a high tree, completely forgotten. I … Continue reading Throe Thoughts

I am a girl who has no flaws. I distance myself a thousand seas away from being perfect, because I really am not. But I don’t have imperfections either. There is only one thing I know. I have scars. Discreet scars. I hide them under the unseen shadows only I and God can see. They’re like doors of memories and secrets about everything and every me. They were made of the lies and truths I verbalized, whether I should or shouldn’t have said them. I might have thrown words like knives out of my mouth without me knowing or told … Continue reading

A Must-read

Love Letters To The Dead by Ava Dellaira. If you’re the kind of bibliophile who’s hung up on letters and punk rock, I think this book might enlighten you. I don’t mean to be some sort of a spoiler so I would try to not type too much details and just let out my feels a bit. It started with writing to the dead through a notebook and a pen. Telling how you feel about them like they’re still alive but feeling extremely upset about them disappearing not knowing about the life after they were gone. It cuts deep and … Continue reading A Must-read

Kick Off Post

Lunatic Thoughts of An Awkward Nonbeing I’m still new to this whole blogging thing so I hope you guys would put up with my quirked blogs. I don’t know, I started reading an Oxford Dictionary and I have no idea I’d be having an affinity with words. Yes. That was how I pretty much felt about them. I’m more of an overthinker and I do unusual things like wander somewhere serene or stare at a blank space where I always get people to think that I’m weird but what they’re oblivious about is I’m being drowned in my own thoughts. … Continue reading Kick Off Post