Kick Off Post

Lunatic Thoughts of An Awkward Nonbeing

I’m still new to this whole blogging thing so I hope you guys would put up with my quirked blogs.

I don’t know, I started reading an Oxford Dictionary and I have no idea I’d be having an affinity with words. Yes. That was how I pretty much felt about them. I’m more of an overthinker and I do unusual things like wander somewhere serene or stare at a blank space where I always get people to think that I’m weird but what they’re oblivious about is I’m being drowned in my own thoughts. Then all of sudden, my absurd side turns up and it got me into writing any stuff that coexists inside my head and I tell you what, I wasn’t positive about this but I guess I could consider my brain as the sexiest thing about who I am. That’s not saying much and you might think I was just frankly blabbering but hey, what do I know? I’m reluctant to admit it but half of most times I record my own voice, not singing but talking over and over. Embarrassing, I know and I often creep people out because they probably think I’m kind of lunatic. You see, I can’t even stop typing right now. Surely I’m boring you and you’re probably wasting time reading this.

P.S. My posts would be about my idiosyncrasies.


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